Sunday, August 17, 2014

Advice if your playing (or think or new) for AJ

                     Now if you new or you thinking about playing you should read this page,
                   1. Be Nice! No one likes bullies
                   2. Please work for your items You wont get banned and you will have friends!
                   3. Buddy jammers once you buddy them ask them to hang out by playing a game in the sole
                       arcade, in a adventure, or just in your den!
                   4. Want to become a Member? No problem! Just ask your Parents or A Guardian to get it
                        for you or Buy it Yourself! ( Don't use any 3rd party software or hacks If You do You
                         will get Banned!)


                        Ugh hey Jammers today's discusion is about how im being ignored.I find it weird and annoying how i join and comment on other peoples blog but when i advertise my blog people will ignore me, then they would post there own blog and get like 10 people when im left with 0 im not being a brat and im not jelly im just saying that my blog doesn't get any views but I view other peoples blog my friends wont everytime i try to get authors to help "Oh no no sorry nvm i cant help" everytime i say i made another post they just ignore me or change the subject and when i just say "i made another post again" they say: OMG STOP SPAMMING WE DON'T CARRRREEEEEE" well guess what NO ONE ASKED UR OPINION! and if you don't like my blog, you don't like going on it? Well guess what DONT GO ON IT THEN! im thinking about quitting this blog since no one seems to read it or even look at it im sorry if im being rude im just saying.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


  Hey Jammers, i just got hacked a few minutes ago it started when i logged off for an hour and then when i got back on everything is gone! i reloaded the page thinking it was just a glitch, NOPE! it was real i don't care if you don't care im just sad :C

Im not Butthurt i Don't need gifts im not like those other people who get hacked or scammed and beg for items im not going to do that im just sad thats all but there just pixles right?
keep jamming! ~awsome1653

Lady Bugs and Authors wanted!

                         Hey jammers! Todays new item is the lady bug hat Sold in JamMart Clothing!
Ok now that that's settled I need new Authors for my blog I know its ne and "Not cool" but maybe with other Authors helping it will sure be a hoot! So if your interested in becoming a author please feel free to put your Email below or just message me and i will make you a author we will set a day for you to Wright your Stuff!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Creepy pasta Roleplay

  Hello! welcome on this part of the blog you can role play as any CreepyPasta you like! Don't know what it is? doesn't matter! you can Role play as anything you want!

- Shipping is aloud (no gross stuff plz!)
- please no powerplayers
- Please no Advertising 
- clans (any warriors, wolf rain ext.)
- custom CPs (or anything else)
-you can comment Aj or any other game item ideas!
- Homestuck is aloud just don't keep saying h0nk :O)
- Enjoy!

- Trolls will be deleted by a mod
- feel the rath of me and the others

Blog Rules

1. NO spam
3.  NO Scamming or Hacking
4. NO giving away Membership or account information
5. PLEASE o PLEASE no pervs on this blog we already have to deal with them in real life
6. No hate like this: Grrrrr you said no to me i will stab u in the eye with a fork and slap u with a waffle no one will find you
7. Cyber bullying is NOT aloud
8. i have moderators that will kick you off this blog And me, so come at me Bro
9. No flash party advertisments Please
10. Ignore these rules and be punished
Sorry for the long list of rules i just don't want this to be a unsafe Blog


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

R.I.P flappybird & Robbin Williams

                                             i really loved flappy bird
i didn't know robbin williams to well but i like the movie aladin it was cool and we should all remember them :3


Flamigos and scammers!

                            Todays new item is the flamingo hat sold in the summer carnival for 2,000 tickets.
i spotted a scammer and possible hacker in coral canyons jaeraq was doing a flash trades BUT he scammed 2 people and he claims to have a animal jam item generator that will give u any item u want if you give him rares

thats it for today and a little AJ question

why do u think Aj deleted these wings?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

bench, aj letters oh my!

                     TODAYS new item in the sundae bench

                    all of you jammers should have recieved an email from AJHQ about the animal jam
                    insiders and it tells you all about the wonderful world of jamaa and all that it gives us :3

                                        comment bellow to enter for a rare mask giveaway!